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Tea - Pure White

Tea - Pure White

Tea resting gently in snowy clean bedroom all alone. She begins to fidget in his bed not find no rest, her body is tense and is seen as a contrast to the color of her snowy white all around. She starts to please herself, gently stroking in intimate places, and it seems that it is about to be beyond, but suddenly becomes focused and continues to please yourself. Tea continues energichnye movements to the beat of his heart. But this is not enough. It starts to get into your body, first two fingers, then three. Pleasure overwhelmed her and she could not hold back any longer to roll over. After an incredibly exciting erotic climax, looks at you and happy that you were part of it.

Fiva - Siesta

Fiva is resting on the couch in the room and realizes that it is ready to start Siesta. She gently starts razdevatsya, removing first his wonderful gray topic to reveal gorgeous breasts. Takama same way with her ​​jeans come off, exposing prelesna legs. Now it is completely ready to surrender to passion raging inside her. All she needs now is her dildo, the true friend that she keeps in a secret place. She gets it, and not a minute wasted no wonder begins to use it. More and more by going inside to achieve true happiness. But this is not enough, so Fiva gets into another hole. She's is accelerated and accelerates faster and faster to achieve true happiness. And finally ending - true Siesta.

Eufrat - Green

Eufrat is alone and finds herself outside of a wood cabin at the top of a hillside. This farm is the perfect setting to indulge her secret fantasies and after a look in each direction, she gets down to business. She uses a wood pole as support for her body’s gyrations. It’s quiet on the hillside save for the breath of youthful Eufrat as the pleasure she is feeling increases. She lays her silk sheet down on the grass in front of her and immediately kneels down on it and begins rubbing herself more intensely. She pulls out a white dildo and you can see the look of ecstasy on her face as it increases pleasure, and the expression of her entire body as it culminates her pleasure.

Kayleigh Elizabeth – CGOW October 2010

As it turns out, love to play baseball not only to muscular guys, but timid girls like Kayleigh Elizabeth. The photo shoot for erotic fashion magazine playboy, she showed aerobatics and won the hearts of many guys who really do deserve it.

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